Eminem “The Warning”

I don’t normally care for rap beef but this is a pretty exceptional circumstance!!! Eminem gets more detailed then any other rapper I’ve ever heard for this jab back at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. She’s probably regretting some things now. Download/Stream here

Saukrates “Salt N Pepper”

One of my favorite artists is finally back with another banger! Featuring Rich Kidd and S Roc. “The only way you say that about the game is if you played it” Download/Stream here


Busta feat. Estelle “World Go Round”

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Mike Posner

Congratulations go out to the homie- he just inked his deal with J Records! Here’s a look at how him and Big Sean rocked S.O.B.’s in NYC this week.

Diddy vs Q-Tip: the Dance Off

Ok so it’s more like there dancing with each other (pause…no shots) Over the weekend Tip did a free concert in Central Park (damn I miss being in NY for Summer stage) and judging from this clip it was a pretty incredible scenario (my old school heads got the pun on that)